Mobile Marketing Masterclass

Affiliate Program

The App Store Optimization Book is a great resource for everyone who wants to learn about Mobile Marketing and App Store Optimization. And we’re eager to make as many people as possible better app marketers.

If you want to help spread the word about the book, please consider joining the Mobile Marketing Masterclass Affiliate Program. Everyone who owns a website or a blog dedicated to App Marketing, and everyone with a significant audience on social media is welcome to become an affiliate. 

Becoming an Affiliate

How Does It Work?

Who Can Participate in the Mobile Marketing Masterclass Affiliate Program?

Everybody who has a website, a blog, or a social media audience with a focus on Mobile Marketing, App Marketing, App Store Optimization, or a similar topic. Your audience should have a solid understanding of the English language.

We will review your website or social media accounts upfront, so please contact us before starting the sign-up process.

How Do I Sign Up as an Affiliate?

The sign-up process is simple and straightforward:

  1. Sign-up for free with our distributor
  2. Add your payment settings, so Gumroad can send you your affiliate earnings.
  3. Contact us, so we can add you to our affiliate program and provide your affiliate links. We can also provide a visual marketing banner if needed.
  4. Implement your affiliate link to your website or share it via social media.

You can find a detailed guideline for the sign-up process here.

Do I Have to Implement Code to My Website to Become an Affiliate?

No. You only need to add your affiliate link. This link will tell Gumroad that you sent a user and deserve the credit for the referral. After signing up with Gumroad, we will provide your affiliate link.

Optionally, you can add a visual banner to promote the ASO book. This banner will be provided by us. Simply contact us and we can talk about the details.

Which Product Can I Promote and Earn From?

Via the Mobile Marketing Masterclass Affiliate Program, you can only promote the App Store Optimization eBook. To promote and earn from the printed book, please join the Amazon Associates program, and promote the Amazon listing of the ASO book. Please be aware that you have to clarify all questions regarding the Amazon Associates program with the Amazon support.

How Much Can I Earn as an Affiliate?

By default, you will earn 30% of the ebooks’ net price for every customer you refer to us. In case the book sells at the regular price of $34.90, that equals around $9 to $10. If you stand out as an affiliate by delivering new customers regularly, we are happy to renegotiate your commission.

How and When Will I Be Paid?

You will receive your affiliate commissions via Paypal. The payment will be processed by Gumroad automatically once a week.

Which Marketing Materials Can I Use to Promote the Book?

We are happy to provide marketing copy as well as visual materials to help you promote the book. We can also create a discount code for you, so you can make your audience an even more attractive offer. Please contact us to discuss the details.

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