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What is a Campaign?

A campaign is a combination of coordinated marketing actions that aim to reach a specific goal. Campaign goals can be:

  • Finding new users for the app.
  • Retargeting users who showed interest in the app but haven’t downloaded it yet.
  • Reengaging users who installed the app in the past but stopped using it.
  • Making the target audience aware of the app/brand.
  • Pushing a specific topic into users’ minds.

Actions to reach campaign goals are:

  • Placing ads on 3rd party websites and apps.
  • Sending emails/newsletters to users.
  • Distributing press releases.
  • Running TV, out-of-home, and print ads.
  • Posting content on social media.

Campaigns in the Context of User Acquisition

Many ad platforms like Google Ads or Apple Search Ads are organized hierarchically with the campaign being the highest level. On this level, advertisers set the overall budgets and the general targeting parameters.

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