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App Title

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What is the App Title?

The app title is most critical metadata elements on app product pages on the App Store and the Google Play Store. The reason for its importance is that the search algorithms on both platforms index it. So if it contains a keyword, the app will show up in SERPs.

The title has the biggest weight for the algorithm. So an app with a specific keyword in it will outrank an app with the same term in another metadata element. Actually, about 60% of apps in the top 5 SERP rankings contain the keyword in their title.

But the app title does not only contribute to an app’s visibility. As it is visible in all conversion opportunities, it has the potential to help convince potential users of downloading the app. So it can contribute to increasing conversion rates.

The App Title on iOS

For iOS apps, the most prominent metadata element contains up to 30 characters. But in some instances, it might be cut off. In these cases, only about 25 characters are visible to viewers. To avoid this unpleasant experience, app owners should make sure not to exceed this limit.

The Title on Android

On Google Play, app titles are longer. App owners can use up to 50 characters to name their apps. But like on iOS, titles of this length will be cut off in some placements. Only about 20 characters will be visible for users. Due to its power to create visibility, owners of Android apps should ignore this issue. It makes more sense to use as many of the 50 characters to rank the app for additional keywords.

Owners of Android apps can use rich formatting and emojis to beautify all text metadata.


Besides increasing an app’s visibility and conversion rates, the app title should contain the brand name. If it does, it can increase brand awareness across the app stores’ audiences.

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