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What is an App Icon?

The app icon is a static visual metadata element that is part of every app product page on iOS and Android. App owners must provide app icons Without icons, they cannot publish their apps.

The Purpose of the App Icon

The icon is crucial in App Marketing for three reasons:

It is visible whenever people come across an app in the app stores. No matter if they find the app in SERPs, in the top charts, or in a feature, they always see the app icon. So in case, it stands out against competitors, it has the potential to attract users’ attention.

In SERPs, it can create additional relevance for an app. If its motif is connected to the keyword that the user searched for, it increases the chance that this user will download the app.

It represents the app on the user’s phone, and users will see it regularly. With a recognizable design, app owners can leverage these contacts and create brand awareness.

Technical Requirements

On Google Play, the icon is a PNG graphic of 512 x 512 pixels and not more than 1024 kilobytes in file weight. In general, it is square-cut. But as it can contain transparency, the final visible shape might look different. In early 2019, Google introduced new design guidelines that define additional rules for borders, shadows, and other parameters.

On iOS, app owners must provide the icon in different sizes. A version of 1024 x 1024 pixels will be displayed on the store, but smaller sizes show up in different placements on users’ phones. Unlike on Google Play, app icons on the App Store always are square-cut with rounded corners.


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