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Call to Action (CTA)

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What is a Call to Action?

A call to action is a marketing message that encourages users to perform a specific action. From the marketers point of view, this action is a conversion. It might be:

  • buying a product
  • signing up to a service, a newsletter, or a community
  • clicking a link to get to another content piece

From a linguistic point of view, most CTAs are short imperatives. So they command the recipient to do something. Typical examples are:

  • buy now
  • download now
  • get it
  • sign up
  • join now
  • start now
  • learn more

CTAs can appear in different forms:

  • a button on a website or a banner ad
  • a link in an ad banner
  • a phrase in a text that is visually highlighted
  • captions in screenshots or videos
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