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Cost per Completed View (CPCV)

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What is the Cost per Completed View?

The Cost per Completed View is a cost metric that sets the total cost of a campaign in relation to the number of users who watched a video ad from start to end. The number is not unique, so users who watch the same ad multiple times will also be counted multiple times.

CPCV as a Payout Model

Ad networks run video ads, especially rewarded video ads, based on CPCV. Advertisers have to pay a fixed price for every user who watches the video completely. Again, all views by a single user are charged.

As a video view is a video ad impression, the CPCV is comparable to the CPM. But as only completed views are charged, advertisers are guaranteed that users actually pay attention to their video ads. This fact decreases the risk for advertisers.

Rewarded Video Ads

In case, advertisers run video ads based on CPCV, users who watch the ad will receive an in-app reward whose value equals the CPCV approximately.

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