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37 Mobile App Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2020

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In this post, I will introduce you to some of the most interesting mobile app marketing conferences around the world. Some of them are single events that take place once a year. Others are held multiple times per year in different cities and countries. Check the short summaries to learn which audiences each event addresses, or have a look at the table at the end to search for app marketing events by date or place.


For every app owner, app marketer, and app developer, it is crucial to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies, trends, and opportunities in the mobile industry. Conferences, conventions, and exhibitions are a good way to learn about these trends. Ad networks, tracking providers, and other vendors present their solutions, and speakers share their latest insights. Many events also include interactive workshops.

Besides, app conferences are a great way to expand your professional network and connect with likeminded people. You can strengthen relationships with partners, form new cooperations, or simply exchange ideas and get feedback on your work.


The following mobile marketing events are held in different cities around the world. Usually, speeches and workshops are held in English when an event takes place in North America or Western or Central Europe. In other parts of the world, you might need knowledge of the regional languages to enjoy the event to its maximum.

App Growth Summit (AGS)



  • March 5: Los Angeles, United States
  • April 2: New York City, United States
  • May 14: Berlin, Germany
  • June 25: Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • July 30: Seattle, United States
  • October 22: San Francisco, United States
  • November 18: Singapore, Singapore

The App Growth Summit events are special because they are an invite-only format. So you can only attend if you apply upfront. This procedure ensures that the conference is not flooded with vendors. The AGS hosts high-class speakers with app marketing backgrounds on a compact single day event.

App Promotion Summit



  • April 2: London, United Kingdom
  • June 20: New York City, United States

The App Promotion Summit takes place since 2013 and has a strong focus on app marketing. This includes App Store Optimization, user acquisition, app analytics, social media, retention and engagement marketing that are discussed in speeches, panels, and interactive workshops.




  • March 14-15: Islamabad, Pakistan
  • April 16-17: Turin, Italy
  • July 1-3: Berlin, Germany
  • August 31-September 1: New York City, United States
  • October 29-30: London, United Kingdom

The Droidcon series is dedicated to Android developers. For everyone who is eager to learn about exploring the latest Android technologies, the Droidcon is a fantastic conference. Its focus is development though, so for marketing topics, you might prefer another event.




  • August 25-29: Cologne, Germany
  • October 15-18: Singapore, Singapore

GamesCom is the biggest event for games in Europe. While the focus is PC and console gaming, mobile gaming also has its place in Cologne. Most of the exhibition halls are open to the public. But there is a B2B area and also a B2B-day when private consumers cannot enter the venue. Besides leading game publishers, you can meet all the major mobile ad networks as well as tracking and analytics providers at GamesCom.

The Asian version of GamesCom is held in Singapore.

Mobile Growth Summit (MGS)



  • February 12-13: San Francisco, United States
  • April 16: Singapore, Singapore
  • May 14: London, United Kingdom
  • June 18: Mexico City, Mexico
  • July 16: New York City, United States
  • August 13: Toronto, Canada
  • September 16-17: Berlin, Germany
  • TBD: Jakarta, Indonesia
  • TBD: San Francisco, United States

The Mobile Growth Summit conferences are compact events of one or two days. They are great for everyone who is interested in app marketing, including user acquisition, monetization, and retention and engagement marketing. But they also cover topics such as blockchain apps, artificial intelligence, or wearables.

Mobile Summit



  • April 2: Hamburg, Germany
  • June 10: Tel Aviv, Israel

The Mobile Summit Events usually take place twice a year, with one event held in Israel and one in Western Europe. It connects app owners, developers, marketers, and other players from the app industry and provides a rich variety of speaking sessions about app growth, monetization, and app analytics.

Mobile World Congress (MWC)



  • February 24-27: Barcelona, Spain
  • June 30-July 2: Shanghai, China
  • October 28-30: Los Angeles, United States

With about 2,400 exhibitors and more than 100,000 attendees, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the world’s biggest event in the mobile industry. You can discover all the latest trends in mobile technology, mobile marketing, app analytics, and much more, and learn from hundreds of speakers. The exhibitors include not only app marketing companies, but also device manufacturers, network providers, and representatives from many other mobile-related businesses. Around the conference, you will also find dozens of parties and networking events.

The MWC Shanghai and the MWC Los Angeles are not as big as the Barcelona event, but still impressive and worth a visit.

White Nights Conferences (WNConf)



  • January 23-24: Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • June 25-26: St. Petersburg, Russia
  • October: Moscow, Russia

The White Nights conferences are great events for game developers, especially for European indie developers and small studios. It is a great opportunity to present your projects, get in touch with representatives from the leading mobile ad and technology companies, and attend lectures by speakers from successful gaming companies.


The following app marketing events take place only once per year. Nevertheless, they are worthwhile visiting.



March 10-13: Amsterdam, Netherlands

AppDevCon is a conference that focuses on app development rather than on app marketing. If you want to increase your knowledge about app architectures, development environments, and programming languages, AppDevCon is the event to attend. In addition, you can hear speeches on working culture and leadership.

Game Developers Conference (GDC)


March 16-20: San Francisco, United States

The GDC in San Francisco is a big event tailored especially for game developers that takes place since 1998. For mobile game developers, it is an interesting exhibition with a lot of lectures and panels to learn from. However, be aware that it is not mobile-only. It also covers topics such as PC and console gaming.

MAU Las Vegas


May 6-7: Las Vegas, United States

Like the AGS events, the MAU Las Vegas is an invitation-only event. Its focus is on mobile user acquisition and retention marketing. Up to 2,500 experts from app industry flagships such as Tinder or Lyft attend, but also representatives from global players like Adidas or Ebay.

Nordic Game Conference


May 27-29: Malmö, Sweden

The Nordic Game Conference is another exhibition for game developers with a strong focus on mobile games. More than 2,000 attendees from Nordic and European gaming companies gather each year to share their knowledge and do networking.


The table hereafter shows you a list of all the single mobile app conferences and events. You can sort it by event name, place or date by clicking the column headers. Be aware that it does not make sense to attend all events. You will most likely see the same faces over and over again. Better focus on two or three shows that cover relevant topics.

EventCityCountryRegionDateTicket Prices
AGS LALos AngelesUSANorth America03/05Invite only
AGS NYCNew York CityUSANorth America04/02Invite only
AGS BerlinBerlinGermanyEurope05/14Invite only
AGS Sao PaoloSao PaoloBrazilLatin America06/25Invite only
AGS SeattleSeattleUSANorth America07/30Invite only
AGS SFSan FranciscoUSANorth America10/22Invite only
AGS SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeAsia11/18Invite only
AppDevConAmsterdamNetherlandsEurope03/10 - 03/13from 75 EUR
App Promotion Summit LondonLondonUnited KingdomEurope04/02from 480 GBP
App Promotion Summit NYCNew York CityUSANorth America06/18from 500 USD
droidcon IslamabadIslamabadPakistanAsia03/14 - 03/15TBD
droidcon ItalyTurinItalyEurope04/16 - 04/17from 49 EUR
droidcon BerlinBerlinGermanyEurope07/01 - 07/03from 149 EUR
droidcon NYCNew York CityUSANorth America08/31 - 09/01from 295 USD
droidcon LondonLondonUnited KingdomEurope10/29 - 10/30from 225 GBP
GamesComCologneGermanyEurope08/25 - 08/29TBD
GamesCom AsiaSingaporeSingaporeAsia10/15 - 10/18TBD
GDCSan FranciscoUSANorth America03/16 - 03/20from 199 USD
MAU VegasLas VegasUSANorth America05/06 - 05/07Invite only
MGSSan FranciscoUSANorth America02/12 - 02/13from 495 USD
MGS SingaporeSingaporeSingaporeAsia04/16from 295 USD
MGS UKLondonUnited KingdomEurope05/14from 295 GBP
MGS LATAMMexico CityMexicoLatin America06/18from 295 USD
MGS New YorkNew York CityUSANorth America07/16from 295 USD
MGS CanadaTorontoCanadaNorth America08/13from 75 CAD
MGS EuropeBerlinGermanyEurope09/16from 295 EUR
MGS AsiaJakartaIndonesiaAsiaTBDTBD
MGS LTVSan FranciscoUSANorth AmericaTBDTBD
Hamburg Mobile SummitHamburgGermanyEurope04/02from 99 EUR
Mobile Summit IsraelTel AvivIsraelMiddle East06/10TBD
MWCBarcelonaSpainEurope02/24 - 02/27from 799 EUR
MWC ShanghaiShanghaiChinaAsia06/30 - 07/02TBD
MWC Los AngelesLos AngelesUSANorth America10/28 - 10/30TBD
Nordic Game ConferenceMalmöSwedenEurope05/27 - 05/29from 59 EUR
WNConf AmsterdamAmsterdamNetherlandsEurope01/23 - 01/24from 150 EUR
WNConf St. PetersburgSt. PetersburgRussiaEurope06/25 - 06/26TBD
WNConf MoscowMoscowRussiaEurope10 (exact date TBD)TBD
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