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What is an Ad Click?

In the context of mobile marketing, a click describes the moment when a user clicks on an ad and is forwarded to the app’s product page in the app store.

Why are Clicks important?

A click indicates a user’s basic interest in an app. The reason is that it is the first voluntary action in his journey and takes him one step closer to downloading the app.

How do Marketers use the Clicks Metric?

Just like impressions, ad clicks are a fundamental KPI that is important for several reasons.

User Acquisition Campaigns

After impressions, clicks are the second indicator for the success of a user acquisition campaign. The more clicks a specific marketing action generates, the more potential users are exposed to the app. Thus, they are an essential indicator of a campaign’s reach and the basis for its success.

App Store Optimization

Users who click an app’s metadata after seeing it on SERPs or in the top charts will be forwarded to the product page. For this reason, Apple uses “product page views” as a synonym to clicks.

The number of clicks (or product page views) indicates the overall quality of the metadata elements that are visible in SERPs and top charts like the app icon or the app title. When marketers compare them to the number of impressions, click numbers show the outcome of optimizing these elements. So in the context of ASO, they are a KPI for conversion rate optimization.


Advertisers pay for many traffic sources, including Apple Search Ads or Google Ads, based on the number of clicks they generate. This payment model is called CPC. The total number of clicks determines the cost of a marketing campaign in this model.

Creatives Optimization

Clicks are one of two metrics that are necessary to calculate the click rate. Thus, the number of clicks is an important KPI when it comes to creative optimization.

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