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Ad Impression

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What is an Ad Impression?

An ad impression describes the moment when an ad appears on the screen and when the user sees it.

Why are Impressions important?

Impressions are key in Mobile Marketing because they represent the first step in every user’s journey to downloading an app. Without an impression, the user has no idea that the app exists.

What qualifies as an Impression?

Any contact of a user to material that promotes or represents an app can be considered an impression. This includes:

  • paid banners, text ads, or videos on websites or in other apps
  • metadata elements from the app’s product page that appear on SERPs, top charts, or in features in the app stores
  • content that the app owner or other app users share via social media
  • content about the app in newsletters
  • press coverage

How do Marketers use Impressions?

Impressions are a crucial KPI in Mobile Marketing. They are relevant to multiple disciplines and tasks.

User Acquisition Campaigns

The more impressions a specific marketing action generates, the more potential users are exposed to the app. Thus, they are a basic indicator of a campaign‘s reach and the basis for its success.

App Store Optimization

In the context of App Store Optimization, impressions show the outcome of keyword optimization. If the number of impressions from search rises significantly after adjusting keywords, this indicates that the research process was successful.


Many publishers, such as ad networks, charge advertisers based on the number of impressions they buy. This payment model is called CPM. When using this model, impressions determine the cost of a campaign.

Creatives Optimization

Impressions have an important role in the process of optimizing banners, text ads, and videos, too. To evaluate a creative’s ability to attract potential users, marketers use the click rate. This rate sets the number of clicks on the ad in relation to the number of impressions. So the number of impressions is the basis of validating the quality of a creative.

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